I've noticed a problem with the selection list.

It was impossible to select the last aircraft of the list.
After scrolling down to the last entry, as soon as you lift your finger to select the desired plane the list scrolls up to the second last entry.

Actually I have seven plane-confics, after reducing to four, the selection of the last one was possible again.

Tested on two iPad mini with MFDVFR V2, one with iOS 8.2, one with iOS 8.3

Please let me know if there is a solution for this.

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Dear all,

same problem for me with the aircraft selection - very inconvinient. I reported this bug to Jeppesen at the Aero trade show in Friedrichshafen and they promised to fix it.

Have you noticed as well, that Jeppesen MFD VFR always uses the default airport and never uses the home base of the aircraft as departure?

And it is not possible to erase the default airport - only overwriting is possible. But maybe you don't want any default?

Please fix these two points as well. Thank you very much.

Best regards

Frank Seja

Dear Jepp Team

Two week since my posting. Any news about a solution?

Best regards

Dear Philippe, dear Frank,


Thanks a lot for your feedback. In fact we were not aware of this “aircraft selection bug” until we got informed about at the AERO.  We have forwarded this information to our development team, and it will be fixed with one of the next releases.


In the meantime, a possible workaround is to select the desired aircraft as the “Default Aircraft” on the Aircraft settings page, and then “create a new flight”.


The other issue that it is not possible to erase a “Default Airport” is a known issue, which will be solved in the very near future with the upcoming Release 2.1. With this release it will be possible to erase an existing “Default Airport”.


Hope that helps.


For the Mobile FliteDeck VFR Team,



Dear Ahmad

Thank you for the info. Looking forward for V2.1

Dear all,

thank you for fixing the "aircraft selection bug" in the menu window. With V2.1.1. it is now possible to select all the aircrafts in the menu again.

But still I want to bring the "aircraft home base" to your attention. I would expect, when a new flight is planned, that "aircraft home base" is used automatically when default airport is not defined. 

Please check again.

Best regards


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