Dear JVFRMFD Team,I have a question concerning the way the ETE/ETA in "Go Flying" mode are computed. Sometimes it is useful to have the ETA/ETA to destination, instead of the next WP, for example in our last flyout we were asked for this information.

If one taps the dark blue rectangle on the left bottom of the screen, the shown ETE/ETA switch from the NEXT WP to DEST.  This is good. The question is: will the time be computed as a sum of all the planned Waypoints (WP) or will the App make a "Direct To" to the DESTination and ignore all other waypoints?

Of course this is interesting only when one has WP not in a straight line. As it happens if you are avoiding some airspace or flying in the mountains along the valleys. 

Thanks a lot for any answer.

By the way I take the occasion to compliment the App and the development team for the stabilty and reliability: I have used it for three days, five countries (CH,D,F,NL,D,CH) in a flyout with no crash at all (of the App :-)), two apps in cockpit all the time on two ipads running. 

Best regards

Claudio Pedrazzi

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Dear all,

I think I've got the answer myself.  Although I would like a confirmation.  From the following picture (taken from "Did you know?" section of the website) I think the ETA/ETE is not obtained with summing up the next flight segments, but simply making a direct to the final destination.  I think this is clear enough because of the cyan line connecting the plane symbol to the final destination (in this example EDFO)

Best regards


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