I had a quick view, it looks really good. Weather you have to get used to it but in the end, the same color's as the GAFOR system. And if you zoom in you see more details about wx conditions.

This one *Refined NavLog to automatically ingest winds aloft into calculations and display* is great also, you see exactly where the wind is coming from on the screen and on the Nav log, cool.

IFR waypoints on or off, prefect.

For me a big step forward.

Only one last thing missing, the vertical profile.



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Major improvement, glad to see it.  I like the weather forecasting capability quite a bit. Right now I use a variety of  products from the National Weather Service to see forecasted ceilings and visibilities a few days out, this brings it all right into the actual planned route in the actual app I will use for navigation.   Very happy also to see winds brought into the nav log finally.  MFDVFR has become an excellent tool for what I call mid range flight planning,  that is, when you are trying to see if it looks like  a VFR trip stands a chance of being doable or not a couple of days out.  

I am having a few minor issues,  in the email I saw something about the chart now has IFR waypoints. If so, I have no idea where in the app they are or how to bring them up. I fly 95% VFR but I use the IFR way points all the time to navigate around controlled or restricted air space or other features, or to join up and fly an airway or where to depart from one. In Florida where is ODDEL, CAMBE NITTS THUNDR for example?.  Sure you can slap a user point in, but then you have a bunch of points only known to MFDVFR and completely unknown to the panel GPS in the aircraft.  

Last glitch I am having, never noticed it before because without the wind forecast, it did not matter,  but if I select a route I previously flew,  I have found to get the winds into the navlog now, I have to change the date and time of departure.  The problem is I can change the date, but cannot change the time, there is no option  for it.  How do you change the departure time of a previously used route?

Anyway congratulations,on the more robust flight and weather planning improvements,  I was beginning to worry MFDVFR was the red haired child in the Jepp family, really glad to see you making improvements.  Appreciate it if you can tell me how to bring up the IFR waypoints and how to adjust the departure time on previously entered routes?  Thanks!

I was a little curious to see how well the weather forecast mapping compared with some of the other tools I use.  I have attached two photos to illustrate how the information compares. The first is a TAF map for SE US tomorrow at 1400Z  Feb 5, and comes from the NWS aviation weather page.  This page only gives TAFs not area forecast, only goes out to 1800Z tomorrow at this writing, and of course does not show the route of flight or figure out how long it takes to get there.  However the information at each airport which has a TAF is pretty detailed.  Not on the map, have to retrieve each one by manually entering the airport identifier. 

I won't be flying this route tomorrow, but later plan to go from near Leesburg FL to Montgomery AL. 

VFR or IFR in a light aircraft, it looks to be bad ride in using either source of data, especially in the Florida penninsula.  In the yellow area in MFDVFR they are showing 18 knot wind gusts, but good cielings and visibility, which agrees with the TAF map.  Down in red area,  MFDVFR tells me cielings will be 100' most of the day.  That surprised me as it is usually not that low that long here,   however, when i checked out a few TAFs, they were calling 300'.    I suppose it does not matter, I would not fly in it either VFR or IFR.

In MFDVFR up at the other end of the flight,  it shows a "red" area going off to the southwest, if I tap it i says ceiling 300 visibility 6.2.  This does not square with the TAF map, which is calling for marginal conditions at selected airports in that area.

It  will be interesting to see which one is right tomorrow morning.


Hi Mack,

the ifr waypoints you can switch on/off at the same place as Widlife etc, right hand side bottom when you open this menue.

To change the timings, i could touch the time the same way as the date and change it.


Thanks for the reply. I figured out what I was doing wrong selecting the departure time wand bringing up the date only and not the time. However I do not have an option in the app to turn on ifr waypoints. See photo attached, also when I try to enter an ifr waypoint manually in the routing the app cannot find them. I wonder if ifr waypoints were included in the us edition.

Hi Mack,

see the picture, but you might be right with the US edition!?



I checked the new weather forecast Feature yesterday but today it's gone after updating the data...
Switching on/off, App restart doesn't brought it back so far!

Am i doing something wrong?!

Lucas D said:

Hi Mack,

see the picture, but you might be right with the US edition!?


I found them. the app yesterday indicated new map data was available for download. The download and install was kind of glitchy, I had to make a phone call to tech support, they had some issue with their server that validates subscriptions. That got solved at Jepps's end. Restarted the app this morning and now the ifr waypoints i often use are coming up when manually entered in the routing enroute set up, and also visible when i zoom in. There is no toggle to turn them on or off. Most of the points seem to be on airways and there is a toggle to turn them on or off. In any case, issue as far as I am concerned is resolved.

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