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Hi Gerhard,

I agree with everything you wrote, I could subscribe every single word, including your opinion on Garmin-Pilot, that I also tried to test. I am also testing Air Navigation Pro. I love the graphical presentation and the simplicity of Jeppesen VFR, the zoom-functionality is genial, but the software is actually not very mature.  I am a new user, of course, but one crash in three (short) flights, and this in a brand new iPad mini with only this app running... well the statistic is not so exciting :-)

Nevertheless, I keep my "symptom-fighting" :-) request in my wish-list, because even so, it could sometimes help "aviate" more and "iPadding" less!  Of course the crashes should simply not happen.

Another point: I am really worried about the request of password during flight! I still have do decide if I do buy, I am still in the 30 days trial.  Is this really normal? Could the software really be so silly? it can be even dangerous!  For me it is a no-go point!  I would be happy if you (or Jeppesen, or other users) could elaborate a little more on the subject. 

Thanks again for your clear statement, that I endorse completely.



Gerhard Hausberger said:

Hi - I am one of these guys who have been convinced to extend the subscription. I think to some extension, it is the right choice - the visualization, the zoom-in functionality, the airspaces are always current. I like this!

BUT: The SW-quality is more than bad. ...

Hallo Claudio,

I also agree with Gerhard in many point. But the request for a password is not usual. Maybe after a hard software crash. I love many aspects of JeppVFR and use it as my only in flight software. But I also check out Garmins Pilot App. I guess Garmin must have ten size of the manpower (programmers) that Jeppesen is willing to spend. I also have the feeling that there are many internal restriction from Jeppesen to the VFR Team (e.g. integration of free ifr routing points). My concern is that Jeppesen wants to seperate ifr and vfr Information for money making reasons. Here Garmin has the much better approach to integrate every information that you are willing to pay for in one app and lets the customer decide if he wants to fly VFR or enroute ifr with vfr approach ... etc. Since there is a possibility of Z flightplans, the Jeppesen concept is not contemporary. But I also lerned that the JeppVFR Team is very slow but they are trying to communicate with us and integrate the long wishlists. In practicale use for now I am happier with JeppVFR over Garmin Pilot App.

Yes agree - the password-thing happened once, after a SW-upgrade; worked on the ground, closed iPad and after reopening it asked me to enter the password (during flight).
And I agree: there is too little focus and resources on this product - What I would not have expected from Jeppesen "a Boeing Company"!


Hello Claudio, Gerhard and Benjamin,

Claudio, I am reading you experienced one single crash ? Of course, one crash is one crash too much. Could you do me a favor, and provide some more details to , which is the e-mail address for individual support. Details means: iPad Version, iOS Version, App version, and a short description of what happened when. From there we can follow up individually. Many Thanks for that in advance !

The issue Gerhard experienced a couple of weeks ago I remember very well, as we communicated individually about that. This was the "request" of the app to re-enter the password during flight. This was a onetime issue which I have never heard or experienced before. Although the developers tried hard to reproduce this single issue, they could not. Of course, again: One time is one time too much ! Thanks Gerhard for having this confirmed as a onetime issue.

As stated before, Releases 1.5.0 and 1.5.1 within the last 2 weeks were mainly for stability improvements of the app. If we still see issues with 1.5.1 please continue to let us know. That really helps !

For the "Mobile FliteDeck VFR" Team,


thanks for your product support at sunday ;)
Perfect weather outside - was just preparing the flight. Hope I do not meet you in the air

Hello Markus,

first of all, my compliments for the attention you are giving to our feedbacks.  This must be said, even on Sunday!!

Of course I am going to do what you ask to document "my" crash.  It was about one week ago during a short flight (40 minutes) in Switzerland, crossing Buochs-CTR. I just posted it only now because of time reasons. The rest will be sent to the E-Mail you gave.

But let me ask: doesn't the option "Error Reporting" in "Settings" when it is "ON" do exactly this? that is: sending you an electronic "dump" of the memory status and so on... ? (maybe not immediately, but on request or as soon as the device is in a WLAN) If not, I should add this too to my wish list :-).  The development team should have complete statistics at least to the most frequent crashes, in order to be able to address and solve them.

Your answer (and the answer of Benjamin and Gerhard) concerning the password request, together with the indisputable devotion you are showing in listening to us and trying to help, did made my mind.  My free trial ends in 5 days, and I will also become "one of these guys who have been convinced to extend the subscription" :-).

This also means, you will continue to hear from me ... for the good or the bad.

Thanks a lot



Markus Marth said:

Hello Claudio, Gerhard and Benjamin,

Claudio, I am reading you experienced one single crash ? Of course, one crash is one crash too much. Could you do me a favor, and provide some more details to , which is the e-mail address for individual support. ...

Hallo JeppTeam,

I had a long flight yesterday with 2-3 "Balken" LTE (iPad mini retina, T-Mobile) via long distances. But still the METAR did not update themselves (at least not the ones I checkt in my vicinity).
I also recognized at home very long weather update times (in the right bar the moving circle is moving and moving). This appears on both of my iPads even after a fresh reinstall.

Would it help to deinstall all europe mapdata which I do not use? Are the update times faster If I would install less mapdata?

sincerely, Ben

-> could you implement a manual Update Funktion for a single airport at the weather menu of each airport?
In typical iOS manner I tried to pull down the weather menu in hope to get a newer METAR but nothing happens.

lg, Ben

I said ah what the heck, and decided to keep the app for another year and renewed my subscription.  Lack of weather data, particularly radar, severely limits the apps utility as a flight planner,  but, I am good with the mapping in the air and presentation of controlled air space. 

For inflight use, I have two major concerns:

1)  Recent trip took me up near mountains and rising terrain -  how do you use this app to figure out how high the terrain and peaks are ahead of you?  I had to switch to another mapping product  which has good top and frequent callouts of peak elevations to navigate safely. During the day in VFR its not too bad, you can see the peaks and guess how high you need to go, and if  you are not high enough, climb some more -  but at night, whew, scary.

You guys that fly around in areas with mountains probably have a well developed routine,  seeing mountains from the air is a novelty for us sea level flat land Florida folks.

2) Something has to be done with bringing up airport information.  I go nuts pushing different parts of the screen trying to find that magic spot that wlll bring the airport and the frequencies and runway information.  I know you are supposed to press the blue dot, but most of the time, all I get is air space information.

Hallo Markus,

have had a trip to Hangelar at the weekend and experienced some small issues. But first the feedback, that the software was a great help.

- the callsign (Rufzeichen) of the destination should be displayed in the lower left corner of the blue box underneath the frequency. I could not find any callsign at all in the app.

- one crash in 5h flight. Rebooted flawlessly without password request. But of course I was unhappy at the second it crashed (was in CTR and route was not active anymore after the restart).

- No help with frequencies over FL100.

- Crossing FIRs should be displayed and the new frequency should be suggested by the app.

- Nearby QNH could be displayed under "NRST".

- Autozoom Feature did not help me, since it puts the aircraft in the center of the screen. If you fly Heading 220 you have somthing like 2cm of visible chartinformation infront of you aircraft.
The Autozooming would be great if it would keep the aircraft near the screenboarder. I always arrange that manually but this is not a very sophisticated solution.

- in lower zoom levels it is impossible to klick a airport!


Dear Benjamin, your issue from 17th of August doesn’t sound good at all, however we have reproduced this issue plus a workaround for the time being. If this issue happens again then please follow these instructions:

  1. Tap on the “WX/NOTAM” button on the bottom bar.
  2. Tap on “DESTINATION”
  3. Swipe down the METAR/TAF area until the “Spinning Wheel” appears again
  4. Wait approximately 1-1.5 minutes
  5. Check if this workaround procedure has worked


“Would it help to deinstall all europe mapdata which I do not use? Are the update times faster If I would install less mapdata?”  No, there is no relation to that.

I hope this was helpful, if not please let us know.

For the Mobile FliteDeck VFR team,


Here am I again, after a few usages in flight of your navigation program.

I am very satisfied.  I did not experience new crashes.  There is although one thing than I would like to add to my first wish list, based on practical experience now. I already wrote this for VAC Charts in my first request, but it actually applies to the general map.

I would like that the place names could be shown at lower zooms levels (maybe with a settable option).  Any time where I have to do a position report, for example crossing a TMA or CTR, or because requested by the air traffic controller ("say your position"), since I am not very familiar with the detailed names of the land where I am doing my first fly experiences (I am a LAPL Pilot since July), I have to leave the standard zoom level of the program and zoom with fingers until finally I can read the place name. 

Of course I am aware that these names should be part of a good flight preparation. But sometime for different reasons (cloud avoidance, replanning, ...) you could not know in advance the exact route.  In order to better explain what I mean, I would like to show the following two images: The first one is from the online ICAO-Chart of Switzerland, where I did a sample (but actually flown) flight planning with the green line. Just as an example, I marked in yellow a few place names, that I could need or actually needed during flight. From right to left: Liesthal, Sissach, Dornach, Laufen, Delemont, Courgenay, Porrentruy. Just to name a few.  I am not born in Switzerland, and I do not know the geography by heart :-)

The following image is the same flight planned on Jeppesen VFR MFD: I tried to have the same scale.

Obviously, not a single name is visible.  Of course one could argue that this is exactly one of the strong points of the Jeppesen application, that the map is not "overloaded" of information.  Nevertheless, since most of the information is there, just hidden at a lower zoom level, it should be possible to let at least the bigger towns (based for example on the "yellow surface" on the map, jump out and give their name.  Again, maybe a settable parameter in Options.

Hoping to have explained my point, I remain at your disposition for further explanations or questions.

Best regards


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