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Dear Jeppesen team,

when can I expect replies to my posts from April 21, May 4 and June 22?

Which of my proposals will be part of the product and when?


Hello Ahmad

Thank you for the detailed feedback you just provided - I really apprechiate it.

Just out of curiosity, why do you show training areas which are not shown on the official swiss paper charts? It's sometimes too much information during certain phases of flight.

best regards,

Hi Markus,

well  -i've tryed the "iOS Night Mode" - but sorry - it's terrible - that is not a night mode for flying. Still too bright.
To know what I mean with a really Night Mode - please take a look to "GarminPilot" - that's what i would expect.
For me as devoper this looks like a "NoBrainer" to implement this Feature.

Regarding the printing capability - i hope the next releases will bring a better solution ;)

That you have no plans for Hungary is really disappointing, especially because Jeppesen has had VFR Cards in the past for this Coutnry.

In general, i am with the comment of "Art". We are talking about "Jeppesen" - not a new small startup. Of course we expect a lot from Jeppesen, especially while you've stopped the Paper Charts from one year to the other -  and Mobile Flite Deck is currently not state-of-the-art. Understand me right, what you've done is perfect - better then the competiors. 
I still love these Jeppesen Product, but it is less of feature, it is absolutely only a ipad stand alone product with no communication or import/export capabilites (maybe it would be a great idea for the option to import "Garmin" GPS route data). The competitors are much faster at the moment. I hope, that Jeppesen realise the Situation and puts more Power in these Product.

Looking forward to the next releases.

Would be great if you can offer us a Release Plan for the next 6 to 12 Months (similiar to the flyer at AERO this year).


Hello Michael,

I have flown many hours at night already with the app. With the normal mode, and also with the "Invert Colors" mode. I agree that both options are not "perfect" for night flying. But if you adjust the brightness slider to almost the minimum (which can be de done directly in Flying Mode), in my opinion it's not too bright.

Anyway, thanks for your feedback again. I will bring that one up as an option for improvement !



­­­Dear Rolf,

we are sorry for that late response. Even though we don’t reply to some feedbacks this does not necessarily mean we don’t read them and forward these ideas. That’s why we provide you with this opportunity and are pleased about any kind of feedback. Coming back on your past questions/ideas:

■Automatically add take-off time, landing time and flight duration to the nav log

■Avoid paper and pencil: add some simple scratchpad (handwriting) feature for transponder codes, frequencies, clearances, actual times over.

■Save nav log (including actual timing) and gps track incl. altitude for use after landing (entries to flightlog, check of ground track etc.)


■User Waypoints/ Using airfields as waypoints is dangerous, if there is a parachuting zone around them. It would be great, if the waypoint could be shifted to the border of that zone, keeping the name of the field in the waypoint's name.

Please expect these features with release 2.5 (beginning next year).

■Denmark (promised for April 2014?), Sweden

Denmark is already available as an enroute country and Bornholm might be taken into consideration. Sweden however, is not yet on the agenda for future releases.

■ETE in navlog automatically using winds aloft information instead of manual wind entries (announced for May 2014)


■Precipitation radar info in map (announced for May 2014)

These features will be implemented with our weather release 2.0 (September 2014). Note that this release won’t include a precipitation radar, but an accurate precipitation/significant weather forecast overlay. Apparently there were some misunderstandings recently. Of course our release schedule has changed, but not the content. In order to make sure there is no misunderstanding any more please have a look on our announcement from March the 20th 2014:

■Add the published VFR routes (and high mountain corridors) of Austria, since these had been published on the (backside of the) previous Jeppesen VFR/GPS charts. I always copied them to the paper charts and they have always been essential, so these are also required in the electronic charts.

This feature can be expected in 2015 but not in 2014.


■My iPad Air (with 128MB) crashes from time to time if I move and zoom the map too fast. It seems as if this happens more often in the Flying mode, but I am not sure. During re-initialization there is some very quick glance of a window, that looks like a connection to the server. Might this be a problem for re-initialization during flight?

That issue should have been solved with the latest release 1.5 as our rendering performance has been enhanced. Please let us know if that issue still occurs.

■Complete visual clues in traffic patterns, like roads, lakes, railway, wood etc. (as in JeppView VFR approach charts). The reduction to symbolic street fractions without precise spatial information is distracting and hardly supportive.


■Alert if MFD VFR sleep mode or Allgemein->Automatische Sperre  is on (to avoid reboot of MFD VFR during flight if you urgently need it again)­­­­

Except for these two points the rest of your not yet mentioned points/issues will be taken into consideration for future releases, there is no definite date of release though.

Thanks for your participation and I hope that was still helpful.

For the Mobile FliteDeck VFR team,


Ahmad Reza Tavakoli said:

Dear Mack,

you can expect release 2.0 (weather) in September 2014. Unfortunately (as you realized) we had to change our release schedule a couple of times. With the latest release (1.5) we mainly improved stability, which was very important. The development of release 2.0 is on its way. It will include “significant weather” as a forecast on the map, and will also include the winds aloft.  A weather radar will not be part of 2.0. We would appreciate if you stay with us, continue to provide feedback, and allow us some more time to develop more features which will be included in upcoming releases.

There is definitely more to come!

For the Mobile FliteDeck VFR team,



Many thanks for the candor of the reply.  I like the quality of the charting very much, but,  I think I will hold off renewing until you all get around to finishing this otherwise rather promising but essential feature starved app.  I am glad the TFRs are being shown now,  I think the improvements with air space warnings and how the notams are displayed was very beneficial, but,  a quality pre flight planning tool has to show weather, it absolutely must have current winds aloft data and input correctly into each flight segment,  and must show radar preciptitation. I can use the product in flight,  but, on the ground, when I am planning the flight,  I have to use another application in order to do the flight planning. Why continue to pay for two?   Jepp has a well deserved, renowned reputation, but it boggles my mind why, with your competitors racing each other developing very robust flight planning and navigation tools, why improvements are being rolled out in such meager and underwhelming versions.    We have been awaiting 2.0 all year, thought it would finally be rolled out at Oshkosh, but instead we get 1.5 with -- a zooming feature.  Well, that's good, but I now I read that the promised 2.0 that comes out, next month,  is not going to have radar??   One is beginning to sense that either Jeppesen has either not realized its competitors are roaring ahead,  or that management has decided that mobile flight deck VFR is the  unwelcome step child of the Jepp family of otherwise fine products, or, the development team just does not have a fire lit under its  posterior, or the budget to get it done. 

So I am not going to renew.  I will stick around and monitor the posts and forums, and if you ever do come out with version, I guess I am looking for 2.5,  not 2.0, I will come back.   

Dear Ahmad,

"Sweden however, is not yet on the agenda for future releases."

That means definitly not in 2.0 and not even in 2015?

Or how far into the future is your agenda? 2.0 and first release in 2015?


Dear Stefan,

Unfortunately that’s fact for now. As of now, Sweden is not yet taken into consideration for a 2015 release. I wish I could say something different, but I don’t want to raise false hopes.

Release 2.0 however, will be available in September 2014, and latest at beginning of 2015 you can expect release 2.5

Hope we could help!

For the Mobile FliteDeck VFR team,


Thank you for the clarification Ahmad.
I like your app, especially the detailed map. That is in my opinion unique compared to other popular apps. Hope the planned changes will further improve the app without become to complex.
Will keep an eye on it and hope the best for Sweden.


I would like to add another item to my wish list. 

- After a crash, either restart the App automatically (don't know if this is possible) or at least when the app is restarted by the user, go automatically in the mode where it was before crashing (for example, flying a certain flight plan with a certain waypoint as destination).

The background of the request is the following: I experienced my first crash, of course Murphy's Law, one of the strongest laws of the universe :-) applied in this case too, and it happened while I was busy speaking to control tower for crossing a CTR (remember, I am an inexperienced pilot...).  I had to relaunch the application (takes its time), then go into the appropriate flight group (directory) on the home page where I stored my flight plan, then select the plan, press "go flying" and switch from DEST to NEXT WP.   The whole process is long and distracts from flying (and communicating).

Best regards and anyway, keep up the good work!


Hi - I am one of these guys who have been convinced to extend the subscription. I think to some extension, it is the right choice - the visualization, the zoom-in functionality, the airspaces are always current. I like this!

BUT: The SW-quality is more than bad. I have heart from Jeppesen " are the only one with crashes...all others give us very good feedback....I have not seen this, it works for me...". I know that this is not the case!
Claudio - what you are suggesting is to fight the symptoms, not the root cause! If the SW is engineered and tested as it should be in the 21st century, there is no need to request a feature like "the SW should continue where it crashed" - there should be no crashes! Apart from that (the constant crashes) the loading and activation on startup is a pain on its own. On a slow internet connection it takes minutes until you can do something with Jepp-VFR - if it succeeds at all. Not to mention one on climbout it did ask me to enter the password. Jeppesen why do you need to check the subscription end-date every time it starts up ? Even after the crashes ? - Check it once a month and stop working after a grace period of 30days.

Jeppesen: You charge premium - we want an adequate quality!
so please: Invest in you SW-development (project management, testing, architects, developers) it can be accomplished - your competition is way better. I had a test-run of Garmin-Pilot - it works, its fast, no crashes - even if you take the iPad out of standby, it has things like weather and radar on the map (we still have to wait for another year to get this on Jepp-VFR) you really can use it! But: It has an awful graphical representation (you get lost on all the things on the screen)- so I don't switch now (but its a question of "pain level").

So please Jeppesen - do more for your customers, do better for the fee we pay - do something for your image & brand.


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