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It is inevitable to enhance the performance and the stability of the system. In the last months and during a recent long distance flight from EDKB to Mallorca I have encountered several problems and have also some questions with regard to the performance and stability of the software and the weather overlay:

the problem with the stability and the performance I already addressed to the Jeppesen team and Marcus during the AERO.

 I use an iPad Mini (Model MD541FD/A) with almost 10 G free space. Quite frankly:  although the iPad is a fairly new hardware and most other apps work fast and fine, the performance of JeppFD VFR version 2.0 is very limited, in fact: not usable with this hardware!

For example:
1) Starting the app: 35 sec
- I wouldn’t care about this only “one time”-delay, if the system wouldn’t regularly break down and need to start up again (see later)

2) time between tapping on a selection field and the selection window coming up: 10 sec  - absolutely not acceptable!

3) time between tapping on the search button and the selection window coming up: 9 sec sec - absolutely not acceptable !

If you change between programs either by using "double tap" on the big knob or a "3-finger slide" the program breaks down ALWAYS and needs to be restarted (no automatic restart). Neither a hard reset nor a soft reset changes the outcome.

If you push the go flying button in about 2 out of 10 instances the system breaks down - this is usual a time-critical phase of your VFR- flight. You may be rolling onto the departure runway and you certainly don’t like starting the app again, waiting 35 seconds, selecting your flight plan again, pushing the Go flying button …..

If you have several flight plans and you like to switch between them by tapping on the map symbol in the upper left corner in about 4 out of 10 instances the system breaks down.

And there are many other instances that can’t be reproduced in that I don’t remember in detail anymore in which the system has breakdown during my flight.

Even though it might be a solution, to address the problem by pointing out that I could change the hardware to a newer iPad- generation, as part of the Jeppesen team did, is certainly not an acceptable approach to resolve the problems. Just as a reminder: almost every other app works very fast and fine with this hardware.

Weather overlay:
I will address this problem in another post.

Enhancements wx overlay:

I actually don’t understand the color coding of the Jeppesen wx overlay. Right now for instance:  GAFOR Germany on 4 June 2015 from 09:00 UTC to 15:00 UTC solid blue with few green spots. whereas Jeppesen has a lot of GREEN, YELLOW and even RED areas. There is no clue as to why there are Yellow or RED areas.

If you tap for instance on a red area like over Stuttgart you get forecasted information about no ceiling,  visibility being >19 km and wind gusts to 12 kt - in other words: a contradiction to the color in which Stuttgart is coded?!? What makes it red? The ceiling sign is shown in the RED area but there is NO ceiling! METAR of EDDS is showing 4kt wind variable, vis > 10km and clouds few at 3.500.


I am really happy that someone else is speaking up.  I just wish to add my voice to confirm the remarks of Ralph. I have bought my iPad mini after my LAPL-License, about July 2014.  I absolutely do not wish to buy a new one every year!

The only reason that I have stopped giving feedback in this forum is that... I lost hope.  I now think that what we are paying for are actually the Jeppesen MAPS.  They are good and uniformly represented in every country, they spare the time to find and buy the different official ICAO maps of every single country and learn the different graphical conventions.

But that's it! The software engineering behind the Jeppesen VFR MFD is poor.  Sorry!  I will (for a while at least) continue to pay for the product, but everything Ralph writes, i do agree. 

Concerning the performance and the crashes of the App: I have always only the JMFD running, after that I turned my iPad off and on before flying, to make sure that the App is so quietly running as possible.  AND: forget it with many flights in different directories (trips)!  I tried the feature and it crashed often enough to persuade me to keep ONLY the flight I am planning and the flight back and maybe another flight or two.  At the main level of the home page.  

I select "Go Flying" before starting the motor (in the "avionics preselected" checklist item) and I try to never fumble with the app again until I land.  It has crashed sometimes even trying to move the map with a finger or tapping the airplane symbol on the left in order to center the map again.  By the way, the Jeppesen Team is aware of this: they have an automatic crash-data collection and sending to Jeppesen, unless the user deactivates it in the settings ("Error Reporting" = ON).

Have a look to the many user request and suggestions that precede this conversation in 2014. How many of them have been accepted or implemented?  So don't be surprised if people do not post anymore here, me included.

Concerning the weather overlay: I was enthusiastic when it came out, but I quickly was baffled by the differences with actual weather.  I asked a few questions about it, obtaining partial answers (in another thread).  But the fact is: I am a very "young" and prudent pilot, believe me.  I fly in Switzerland.  There we have the GAFOR and I have experienced situations where it was all green (Oscar-Oscar-Oscar) on almost all of the country, but the Jeppesen Layers would have suggested to stay in bed :-).   So, sorry to say this, I base my decision on good old meteo briefing and meteo products and simply leave the weather overlay off.  And use JMFD for what it is: a good moving map with very good "embedded" circuit and airport data.  And for that, it has to be admitted, it is very good.  The direct smooth transition to the circuit and than to the airport layout is actually genial.

Best regards 


Hello Ralph,

Many Thanks for bringing your individual user experience to our attention. This helps to further improve stability and performance of the app. As discussed on the phone today, we need to follow up on your concerns individually. As of now we cannot reproduce the issues you are reporting. Obviously this is an individual case with your hardware, or your installation.

To help figuring this out, please send us an e-mail on if you experience any crash of the app again. The message shall include the date and precise time when you have experienced an issue, and shall also include your sequence of interactions with the app leading to the crash.

Looking forward to solve the problem,


Good morning,

sorry to say (again): Ralph is not alone with the stability issues! I have an iPAD4 with >15GB free. The app runs fine if you press "Go Flying", be patient, and let it run = don't switch to other apps, don't let the iPad sleep. When I close the cover and resume e.g. 15-20min later you have a very good change it crashed. JeppFD VFR does not handle resume correctly - and it never did. Last month I had a case where I had no map data anymore - even if it told me "Your coverage is up to date". Something went wrong with the update the evening before.... - you always need an alternative app, you cannot rely on it.

To be honest - I use it less frequently in the last time (and probably I won't extend the subscription). Stability is the main issue. Jepp could not fix this in the last 2 years and compared to other solutions JeppFD VFR takes out more of my battery per hour (with the same brightness). 

I like the weather overlay + zoom into traffic pattern!

Markus - your effort to keep customers happy is taken! But I think there are limits (dev-team, #of people working on it, quality insurance, etc) you cannot easily push forward.

PS: Hungary, Slovakia are still not covered...........

Dear all,

I just came back from a 5 day trip to France and there is one software behavior, where I want to ask for a design change:

When in Planning Mode, the user can read and "PIN" the NOTAMS. 

Pinned NOTAMS have a special relevance for the planned flight and can be shown on the map - all other NOTAMS can be hidden - a very good feature.


when in Flying Mode, you will not see any of the NOTAMS, although you already pinned those with special relevance.


Please keep NOTAMS that are PINNED for the flying mode and show them on the map in flying mode.

Remember, there are critical NOTAMS, mostly they are very much localized at one position and it makes a lot of sense to remind the pilot on that NOTAM, when he reaches the position in flying mode.

PLease check, if this proposal can be implemented.

Best regards

Hi Frank

When in Flying Mode, open the menu on the right hand site (where the weather and airspace selection are).

In the lower part you will find a slider which allows you to turn the Notam on and off.

You can also select the Notam to be displayed. (none, route, pinned)

Hope this helps

Hi Philip, dear all,
try this in flying mode when you have lost WIFi or G3 connection and you will find that the software complains that "not all NOTAMs are downloaded yet" and it will no longer show any NOTAM on the map.
My proposal was, to keep the pinnend NOTAMs in the map regardles of Internet connection status. This is the purpose of pinning!

Best regards

Hello Philippe and Frank,

thank you for this feedback. The normal functionality should be, that the NOTAM selection (e.g. "pinned"), which was set in "Planning Mode", is automatically preselected in "Flying Mode", when tapping "Go Flying". All downloaded NOTAMs are stored locally, and should therefore remain available also in "Flying Mode". However, the download logic for the NOTAMs is based on the affected FIRs for the route. That means, if you change your route after losing 3G connection, and another FIR is touched by the changed route, the described behavior could happen.

Does that make sense ? Nevertheless, we will check this behavior in more detail. Thanks again for bringing that up.

For the "Mobile FliteDeck VFR" Team,


Hello Markus,
thank you for your explanation with the FIR and routing changes after loosing Internet connection - that makes sense. 

But even if I simply create a route, download and fetch NOTAMS of that route, cut Internet connection and do NOT make any changes to the route, the NOTAMS will be lost (in planning and in flying mode !!). 

Obviously something is going wrong with the local storage of NOTAMS.

I can not recall if this behavior was like this before, but from memory I would say, it worked right with MFD VFR versions 1.xx

Hope that helps.


@Markus -

you really are doing your best. If the product was as awesome as the support there wouldn't be a single comment here. As mentioned in another thread MBFVFR has huge performance issues and I have seen them on various iPad versions. Peeformance and stability are nowhere near they should be - crashes should be the exception and not the rule.


Dear all,

I can confirm that with Release 2.1 the NOTAMs are stored and made available correctly again after loosing internet connection. The stored NOTAMs are available when simulated on ground and in real flight.

Thank you for this quick reaction. The situation before, where NOTAMs were not available in flight, was critical.

Best regards


Frank Seja said:

Hi Philip, dear all,
try this in flying mode when you have lost WIFi or G3 connection and you will find that the software complains that "not all NOTAMs are downloaded yet" and it will no longer show any NOTAM on the map.
My proposal was, to keep the pinnend NOTAMs in the map regardles of Internet connection status. This is the purpose of pinning!

Best regards

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