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I just came back from a nice trip during the weekend and I would like to shortly report my experience with MFD.

I also want to support the request from many other users - Stability is also for me the main issue. 

The MFD crashed during a 2 hours flight three times. This is really annoying, especially because it takes far to long to startup again. Not sure if it tries to validate my subscription each time, but this can be really critical if it takes too long :(

I also think that the performance, compared to other flight navi apps, is quite poor. I have an iPad Air with 128GB.

I like especially the Maps and the Weather FX. 

I also noticed the new flight-Log functionality. It seems to work fine and i like it ;)

Altogether I need to say that I like the App, but because auf the stability issue I may not extend my subscription.




as there seem to be many negativ expiriences, i can write from a positive one.

We a colleagues and my flew yesterday to Innsbruck and back, so two 1 hour legs. Both had a Ipad Mini 2 with Jepp FD VFR running, no crashs and worked as expected. (keep fingers crossed this remains) 

I have the feeling that since the new release is on my Ipad is starting the app much quicker then before. (have not all countries downloaded).

The flights log works precise and also the Airspace alarm, but with a headset on inflight you do not hear it. On ground we heard it once or twice. Sure will not buy a Sennheiser due to this feature.

What I realized a few weeks ago was, that on my friends Ipad Mini showing on the country downlade page only a few countries downloaded, in fact on the map whole europe was visible as downloaded. The app was extremely slow, after he managed to go read of the unwanted countries the speed was up to normal.

This my to cent's



Hi Markus

I may not be the first to suggest adding a map scale at least in flight mode.

Because often ATC asks for position reports, i.e. distances from towns or landmarks.

The possibility to Name customize waypoint has already been added to the wish list before...

Thanks to all the team.



Hi Benno, 

very good idea and I have missed from the first day. I ' d like to support this. 


I think the map scale is not needed. For position reports it is way easier to tap on the desired landmark, go to ROUTE POINTS and you see bearing and distance to the selected point. Estimating a distance with a map scale, especially with auto-zooming, is more difficult ;)

Hi Andre

Thanks for the hint; I will try this asap.

But customizing waypoints ( (naming and displaying then in flight mode) remains one of my favorite wishes...

have a good day.


I am glad to see version 2.1 come out, not so much because I particularly have a need for for the logging or audio alarms, in fact, will probably fly with the latter off.   But it does mean the product has not been abandoned and still has a future. MFDVFR is my preferred depiction of air space, and the VFR condition forecasting tool has been very useful.  In flight though since I have switched from paid SXM weather to the free ADSB weather via a Stratus receiver,  I have to use other products to keep an eye on radar.  This time of year in Florida especially thunderstorms impact every flight, either in time of departure, diverting,  flying around.   Local flyiing its not critical, but cross countries of a hundred to three hundred miles, which are the bulk of my travels,  are hard to do without  on board weather data.  When the weather simmers down in October I can go back to using it, but right now,  --- I only use it for long range (2-3 day) flight planning and to view controlled air space, which MFDVFR does such a better job of.

Hi Markus, 

when do you expect the next extension of the coverage in Europe? Which countries are planned next?

Regard Stephan

I'm very happy with the latest version of the app.
No crashes even in long time use during a glider tow day.
Since a few days in combination with a Garmin Glo GPS device.

I totally agree with the demand of custom waypoint renaming. But on the very first place of my wishlist is still teh ability to create a waypoint with VOR/radial/distance e.g. WIL27015
Especialy when flying in foreign countrys this is my way to have a cross reference with aircraft equipement about my position.

In the last six weeks I have been flying a lot with the app. From my point of view the following enhancements would improve navigation and reduce pilot workload:

map scale in flight mode

show number of waypoint in map view (not only in nav log)

possibility to rename/give a name to waypoints

toggling not only between destination and next waypoint, but between next two/or all waypoints (user defined) and destination in left window (flight mode). [in UK and Italy you are asked for your estimate to the next / or after next waypoint]

terrain awareness (like GPSmap496- yellow < 1000', red < 500')

A word to the weather: The weather doest not really correspond to the weather of DWD or GAFOR. I have observed in many cases "light thunderstorms" where DWD did not show any. I understand that Jepp uses a different approach, but for the pilot this brings more uncertainty and the opposite should be the objective. So far, I use the app weather as secondary information relying on DWD weather, because the forecast - to my experience - is more realistic and correct. Perhaps you can improve in the future. 

Interface for X-Plane flight simulator


During European winters I Keep my avionic skills sharp by using X-Plane simulator and it's interfaces (ie. Garmin G-1000). What I miss now is an interface with my Jeppesen Mobile FlightDeck VFR like many US competitors offer it. It would be a important enhancement in flight safety.

Otherwise this is my first season with this EFB and it has never crashed during flight so far.



Synchronizing flights and settings with backup device (iPad)


Like most pilots I do not rely on one ipad only but use a second similar standby device as a backup readily available from the PIC seat.

Until now I have to enter every flight plan, data and settings twice as the devices cannot be synchronized!

I would be a great relieve to be able to do this.



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