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ich würde mir eine Anbindung an den Simulator X-Plane wünschen, dann könnte ich zu hause mit der Software einen Flug üben/simulieren und im echten Flug mich wieder auf den Flug konzentrieren und nicht so auf die Software.


Hello all,

first of all I would like to apologize for being so quiet for such a long time in this forum. Time flies, and we are all extremely busy. We had some internal staff changes which caused some extra work as well. Nevertheless, please be sure that all your feedback is highly appreciated and important to us. As of today, we are happy to announce that the coverage extension by adding Sweden, Norway and Finland is almost done. Since early January (Release 2.1.3) we have these three countries added with their Enroute data to the coverage “All available countries, Europe”. Full terminal details for Sweden, Norway and Finland will be completed by April 20. (first day of the AERO Friedrichshafen trade show.) Additional coverage extensions are expected to follow.

As the flying season already started, we will now be much more present again in this forum than during the last months.

Please stay tuned for more to come soon !

For the "Mobile FliteDeck VFR" Team,


Dear Markus,

Thank you for your response. It's good to see you guys are still there.

While the addition of Scandinavia is obviously a great thing, I think many of us are left wondering where Jeppesen is planning on taking this product feature-wise. In spite of numerous pleas to this effect, this is something you remain suspiciously quiet about. 

Given the fact that no meaningful features have been introduced in a long time, it is my personal opinion that, in order to keep the customers you have and perhaps regain some of the ones you lost, Jeppesen will need to be more transparent on this subject. 

Just to be clear, the fact that people are becoming increasingly vocal about this is because they love this product and care about its future... a future, hopefully, full of improvement.

PS: I'm sure many here are regular flyers so should you need people for testing purposes, where better to ask... :-)

Dear all,

it was a positive surprise to find that with the April 2016 update cycle the German MIL NVFR system and its waypoints are included in the map data. 

Thank you very much. 

Not very practical is, that it is not possible to select / hide the NVFR system. I would have expected that these ED-Rs are considered as MIL Route layer that can be switch on and off.

Please check again.

Best regards


Frank Seja said:

Dear all,

I just started to toy around with an other VFR application: Night VFR. I will not do this seriously this winter, but I learned that IFR waypoints / intersections will commonly used for navigation in Night VFR.

When I try to plan a Night VFR flight with Mobile Flight Deck VFR I discover that the software will not accept IFR intersections as routing.

I understand that VFR is VFR and IFR is IFR. 

But Night VFR is somewhere in between. I do not expect to have a full IFR coverage in the MFD VFR. But if I attempt to enter published IFR Intersections, the software should be able to locate them on the map (even very old Garmin handhelds can do this job).

At the same time, I find it a surprise to discover, that the German low level night flight system can not be displayed in the VFR map. There are VFR maps around that show these routes for the purpose of night VFR.

In summary: Night VFR is as special case of VFR and should be supported within a VFR software.

Best regards


Hello Jeppesen,


at the moment I am playing around with your app. Yesterday, I used it in flight and close the app by mistake on my iPad. No problem so far, I just clicked on the icon and hopped to see the chart again.


BUT, and that was a real bugger, the app tried to "loading..." something via the bad inflight umts/edge connection. After a couple of minutes, I closed the app again, shut down all internet connections, opened the app and got the map instantly.

What and why need the app "loading" something and why can't it do it in the background. When I used the app in flight, I need the map instantly. All updates and license check can be done in the background or later.


Hope to see a change in that behavior in the next version.


Thanks for the great product,



Hello Markus,

I do use this app on every flight... I also apprechiate all the changes you made after my feedback and I just renewed my subscription. But there are two things which really bother me:

-why can't you provide more detailed parking information? Take LSZG and the two pictures as example... as a non familiar pilot you are screwed finding the correct parking location.

-still missing printing capabilites for preparation and backup in case the ipad fails. And please don't refer to the print screen capabilites of the ipad, that is useless for this purpose.

thank you and happy landings,


Hello Markus,

One more thing... I really like having all UL sites of Germany in Jeppesen VFR, when will you import all ULM sites of France?

At the moment it's quite a hassle to find those places using Jeppesen VFR. To set manual Waypoints is more a trial and error task and if the flightplan is deleted the waypoints are lost.


Hi everyone.

I already posted this question in "support forum" but for some reason it will not appear. So I post it here in the form of a suggestion for improvement.   

If the databases are expired, some kind of unmistakable graphical warning should appear on the map.  See following example: the route was prepared since autumn last year, I just jumped to the map view that actually seems ok:

But now have a look at the Database status: obviously there could be changes in the airspaces that I am not aware of.  

my suggestion would be to color the maps with a reddish background (or blink them, or whatever) when the corresponding databases are not updated.

Best regards


PS: there has to be some problem in the "approval process" of a new discussion thread, at least I have posted this subject in form of question two times as new thread in "product support" but it is not appearing.  Probably you are filtering out some E-Mails? 

First of all, I would like to see a response to your customer in this forum!


Beside what I have written a few posts before, can you please add the ILS frequencies in the airport information? Although flying VFR, it is nice to have an ILS, especially during night flying or in minimum VMC.


Tank you, keep up the development, you competitors are strong!

The same here with a post from me.

Claudio Pedrazzi said:

PS: there has to be some problem in the "approval process" of a new discussion thread, at least I have posted this subject in form of question two times as new thread in "product support" but it is not appearing.  Probably you are filtering out some E-Mails? 

Hi Christian,

just want to say thank you for some kind of feedback and for clearly expressing what I also think.  It shouldn't be sooo difficult to answer here and there to "some" of our inputs.  As others have also noticed.  You know what I think? Jeppesen is like those restaurants with a beautiful view, like on the top of a mountain or on a skyscraper; they can afford to have a bad service because of the view.  Jeppesen VFR Mobile Flite Deck is a good, very good product.... and who cares of the rest! What could be better than stopping the support forum for a few months? no trouble anymore!

Happy landings everyone!


I discussed yesterday my wishlist with a Jeppesen representative at the AERO Friedrichshafen. He agreed on all points and referred to an internal todo list but was not able to give me a clear picture of the todo list itself nor a clear date of when new features are released.

the only thing he was able to confirm is that some features already available in Jeppesen IFR will be translated to Jeppesen VFR... hopefully soon!

@Claudio: the alert of old maps is shown in the Home screen on the left side.

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