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Hello Markus

Why are you being so cryptic? You announced the iPhone-comptability last year and we haven't heard from this since. So instead of saying "especially feature related" why don't you just name it and inform us about your roadmap? As you see more and more people are getting annoyed about Jeppesen's behaviour (me included) so it would really be nice to know whether you are just playing along or whether we can really expect something.

Thank you and kind regards


Hi All,

Just some test-results with the actual app after some flights:

- Battery consumption still above most of the other apps. Fun thing is that battery consumption seems to be related to some circumstances I yet wasn't able to determinate the real cause... it looks like the app is always consuming more power on the first leg than on the reverse leg.

- Flight Tracking -> would be really helpful if the app would record the coordinates and give you a flight-path (analogue to SkyDemon)

- Stability: Still not where other apps are but I see an improvement...

... the other issues... like sync, etc. left aside... I do see an improvement. But they are tiny steps in a really large gap...

Kind Regards!

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