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Personally I would prefer to have one App with possibly in app purchases or account subscrptions for whatever the customer needs/wants (vfr or vfr+ifr). I am flying VFR only but am missing e.g. IFR routing points for flight planning. It doesn't make sence to me that I have to jump to a other JeppApp to see those information.

Hi Tobias,

how does Jeppesen's current speed & agility stay in line with your announcement to abandon the paper charts (Original message) ?


Tobias Baesch said:

FliteDeck VFR is designed around the private pilot workflow. It is by intention that not all features are thrown in, but it instead evolves with care and rigor. Its biggest value is the data it is built upon – data managed carefully and to strict standards with an impressive manpower required. This is because across Europe, data to the extent used inside FD VFR is nowhere available today.

Although Jeppesen marketed the five countries already covered, it should have been (and is) obvious that many customers expect more countries to be added. Jeppesen is working on it, making sure the required quality will be delivered as you expect.

Meanwhile, development and testing is underway for future features. These features will again be different to what others have in place, but follow the above concept. This takes time and thought, and I know it remains a fluffy answer until it gets delivered ...

"evolves with care and rigor": Big Grin! The problem is people like Tobias.

I guess the VFR pilot who flies 10 hrs per year only needs a local VFR chart only. No iPAD. The VFR pilot who needs European coverage knows how to cross borders, handle difficult weather situations, needs powerful flight planning tools and wants to have a toolbox for all his/her needs (like the ForeFlight APP) whether that is for VFR or IFR plus VFR flying (there is no IFR only flying in Europe) and he/she probably flies 100-200 hrs per year. For such a pilot FD VFR is a toy, not a tool. Such a pilot can handle difficult APPS, because without such tools flying is even more complicated.

So let Jeppesen stay in the 10-hour-per-year-VFR-only-and-only-in-Germany-and-Switzerland-flying-pilot class. There are plenty other companies that understand the market and do need no excuses to justify the absence of progress with the development of their APPs because they throw out new improvements every month or so and are just what we expect them to be as pros: competitive.


wann können wir beim Mobile Flight Deck VFR mit einer Druckfunktion rechnen? Bei Jeppesen FlightDeck kann man zwar vom iPad drucken, aber nicht die Papiergröße wählen (kommt immer A4 raus). Generell sollten m.E. bei der zukünftigen Druckfunktion für Mobile Flight Deck VFR auch A5 Ausdrucke oder kleiner möglich sein.


Völlig korrekte Anregung, sehe ich exakt gleich. Man kann zwar über Umwege drucken, aber wer will das schon?

Markus Kaminski said:


wann können wir beim Mobile Flight Deck VFR mit einer Druckfunktion rechnen? Bei Jeppesen FlightDeck kann man zwar vom iPad drucken, aber nicht die Papiergröße wählen (kommt immer A4 raus). Generell sollten m.E. bei der zukünftigen Druckfunktion für Mobile Flight Deck VFR auch A5 Ausdrucke oder kleiner möglich sein.


Dear all,

I just started to toy around with an other VFR application: Night VFR. I will not do this seriously this winter, but I learned that IFR waypoints / intersections will commonly used for navigation in Night VFR.

When I try to plan a Night VFR flight with Mobile Flight Deck VFR I discover that the software will not accept IFR intersections as routing.

I understand that VFR is VFR and IFR is IFR. 

But Night VFR is somewhere in between. I do not expect to have a full IFR coverage in the MFD VFR. But if I attempt to enter published IFR Intersections, the software should be able to locate them on the map (even very old Garmin handhelds can do this job).

At the same time, I find it a surprise to discover, that the German low level night flight system can not be displayed in the VFR map. There are VFR maps around that show these routes for the purpose of night VFR.

In summary: Night VFR is as special case of VFR and should be supported within a VFR software.

Best regards


I have suggested to my friends at Jepp that they just go out and purchase ForeFlight.  It is largely the standard in the States and used by many VFR/IFR pilots as well as now even military pilots.  The integration of the superior Jepp charts with the far superior functionality of ForeFlight would make a killer product.  I purchased the Jepp VFR app at Oshkosh this past summer.  I was really disappointed with the zoom performance on an iPad 2.  Today I purchased a new iPad mini retina and the zoom performance is finally acceptable.  Again, you have great chart data and your approach to not just digitizing standard VFR charts is the advantage.  The really long list of missing features, starting with simple things like weather and TFR overlays is just something that should have been there on release.  I get that you guys wanted to have a splash at Oshkosh but it has been several months since then.  Trust me, I manage software development teams who work on geospatial applications.  I understand the complexities of what you are dealing with.  At the same time, smaller companies are running circles around you guys in terms of features.  I also understand the desire to not throw in the kitchen sink in terms of features, but you guys are just going way too slow.  Buy ForeFlight and get it over with.


Hi Carl,

Thank you for your reply. We have a very exciting release schedule planned for 2014 which in part will cover the features you mentioned. We look forward to what's in store for MobileFD VFR next year and we hope you will as well!

Your "exitement" is created by features coming for the US marktet ?

Based on the facts and activities of Jepp in the last 7 months, we in Europe are not really thrilled.......


Hello Gerhard,

We will continue to develop and grow new features for the European markets in 2014. We are aware the application currently does not have some features now considered standard for VFR in the US and Europe. We are working to implement these next year, as well as some exciting new features that you may not expect to see as well. As this is a relatively new application (7 months in Europe, 5 months in US) we have much room for growth and we are excited to continue growing VFR for you.

Mr. Greenfield, the trust in Jeppesen's  Development is obviously gone if you listen to this forum. There is no excitement in "not expected features" in 2014. We customers are asking for basics and a european coverage as advertised. Since Jeppesen has decided not to inform their customers about further releases what are the choices we have - would you yourself buy Jepp VFR for 2014 with a pricing higher than any competitor and being far behind feature wise ?

I  love your charts - but after that 7 month there should be new releases (not bugfixes) and growing coverage.  

Benjamin, this is a futile effort. Jeppesen does not listen and does not understand. I have spent > 400 Euros p.a. on digital copies of Jeppesen VFR+GPS charts for the last couple of years and probably another 300 Euros on paper charts. I have switched to DFS charts for good now. No way back, whatever Jeppesen does. They have mistreated me as a customer. And there are plenty of good apps.

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