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if the maps also shift i'm happy to hear

Dear all,

some weeks ago I received an email that looked like from Jeppesen saying that version 2.4 is going to come soon.

Was this real or fake news?


Foreflight will launch this summer in Europe. And yes, it will have the maps from Jeppesen MFDVFR. I've seen it in Friedrichshafen. Amazing.
Foreflight is simply the best aviation app. They've already worked together since years with Jeppesen. Foreflight is well known in US.
It's the perfect symbiotic between amazing jeppesen charts, perfect integration on the flight deck, fully covered all features we need for planning, briefing, flight and debriefing.

Maybe I think jeppesen MFDVFR will stay on the market, because it is what it ever wants to be - the digital replacement from the paper charts, not more not less.

I definitely will switch to Foreflight (currently I use jeppesen and garmin pilot).

Having experienced as an early user the decline of this app from the best one in its category (Anno Domini 2013/14) to the situation of today, where the introduction of "user defined names" for waypoints seems to be the next big revolution....


... well I have to say, the discontinuing of the app is the logical consequence of a long way down. Jeppesen in my opinion never had the manpower nor the wish to develop a full fledged planning application.

I'm looking forward to Foreflight + Jeppesen Charts, because I still believe that the real advantage of Jeppesen is the quality of the maps.

Regards everyone


Is there anything more than rumors regarding MFDVFR? We should not sing the graveyard song before official is out. Yes, it was - chart-wise - ahead for some time and for some parts still is. But, it was also one of the least cared for apps with some sales volume I ever saw and one of the worst stretching customer loyalty. Fine and maybe even clever from business perspective, but bad for the product. It also is an important niche, so management has to take a strategic decision and tell us.

Frankly, I am not really happy with the idea of Foreflight launching in Europe. It is a very US-centric product in all its shades. We all know how bad and different the structures in Europe are. I fear the great US Foreflight product, which is my undoubtedly number one for my flying in the US, will be harmed by trying to incorporate European stupidity into it.

I had to let MFDVFR go for the US in favor of foreflight,  the ability to show weather radar, air traffic,  flight briefing and other tools made it the essential cockpit resource - but -  I really missed the clear vector driven Jepp charting. A few months back Jepp charts became available to use in foreflight, including world wide VFR charts. I am using them now exclusively but the world VFR charts we get appear differently from what we had in MFDVFR. I love now seeing radar and traffic on top the Jepp chart,  Things I liked in both Jepp for foreflight and MFDVFR were depiction of floors and ceilings of  controlled and special use air space, and text always rightside up when flying south are the same.  Whats different between Jepp in foreflight versus MFDVFR are the color schemes are not the same in forefligfht, not very intuitive and the detail level depending on zoom is kind of strange.  Restricted air space and Class B airspace have brown lines for example. To get navigable detail on air space dimensions and floors and ceilings,   you have to zoom in pretty close, if you zoom out say over 50 miles to get a good look at a  cross country leg,  air space lines  particularly Class D and special use disappear.  One other feature missing in the current integration of Jepp in Foreflight is that in MFDVFR you could zoom down to airport level and see taxi ways and your position on airport.  Instead of zooming, in Foreflight you switch from map to a Jepp taxiway plate, and then to see your position,  its a cost add on.  (I don't pay it).  At Sun n Fun 2018 in Lakeland FL I discussed with  the Jepp and Foreflight guys what I liked and didn't like in the current Jepp Foreflight integration - tthey told me later this year they would be integrating the VFR charting that we saw in MFDVFR for Foreflight.  Bottom line for me,  Jepp never really developed their app beyond being an electric map,  but Jepp charts are the best.  Foreflight is a very impressive pilots navigation app with all the tools  you need and is constantly getting upgrades.  If they roll out the Foreflight Jepp combo for Europe I think users will be happy.  One thing I noticed, I only purchased the Jepp chart package for the US,  which is full IFR and VFR,  but I have found downloaded in the tablet is world wide VFR charting Not sure how complete it is or if is fully up to date,  but  its been fun to  consider a trip to say Ireland and look at the places I might like to fly (at considerable expenditure of coin) and what airports I might like to go into.

Thanks a lot for sharing Mack Donald,

I appreciate the information.  Your detailed explanation. together with the opinion of "EuropeFlyer" above make me thoughtful.  Well, we will see.  For the moment, though unhappy with the total lack of interest from the side of Jeppesen and the slow resp. absent development, I still have my Jeppesen-Abo for Europe and I'll stick to it.

Best regards


I would very much appreciate a response from one of the Jeppesen moderators on this matter.

tpalal.jpgThis is what the Jepp world VFR charts look like like in Foreflight as of now,   one is of the Class C Cork airport vicinity in Ireland, the other is central Florida  east of Tampa.   When you flight plan and brief, it brings the winds in,  flight time is calculated using your aircraft performance specs for climb, cruise and descent.  Shows metars,  fuel prices if you want, You get weather radar as an overlay if desired,  TFRs,  sigmets.  In flight foreflight will communicate, at least here, with either an SXM satellite radio receiver for music and weather,   or I use the "free" ADSB-IN  service with a receiver suction cupped to a window to pull in weather as well as traffic data.  I can switch the charts from Jepp to Naco or foreflights own vector driven charts (not as good as Jepp), as well as IFR enroutes. Along the bottom ribbon you can select airports, get taxi diagrams,. frequencies, weather METARs and TAFs, runway data and approach plates. Under documents you can add whatever PDFs you like, I include the O&M manuals for the installed equipment, my engine and airframe maintenance manuals and parts lists. You can brief, file flight plans, review past flights, have checklists. For me, its everything I would want in EFB app plus Jepps great charts.  I am not real crazy about Class B being brown or Class C and Class D being the same color,  and as I indicated, too much data drops out as you zoom out, still this is the way to fly.


I had a chance to see the Jepp charts in Foreflight and my first impression was "so what". I got used to the sector charts in the US and yes, it may be a little more convenient there to have one charts representation for all flying, but is it worth it? Foreflight in this configuration does feel a bit like the US version of Skydemon. I still doubt having one version for Foreflight in the US and Europe will work and I feel sorry for the Foreflight developers soon facing where others already struggle.


Jeppesen continues to support the Mobile FliteDeck VFR application and is in the final stage to release the 2.4.0 version with some awaited enhancements such as “user defined waypoints”, expanded coverage of the “Baltic states” and the "ATIS frequency displayed in the “go flying”-mode”. We apologize if anyone was told the Mobile FliteDeck VFR app was going to be discontinued or that customers have to switch to ForeFlight. The partnership with ForeFlight however gives you as a customer now the choice to use the high quality Jeppesen data in whichever app you like the most and that best fits your operational needs.

For the “Mobile FliteDeck VFR” team,


May 3rd: " stage...." ?

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