Hi all

I have a strange problem and hope that someone might have a solution to solve.

When approaching my Homebase (LSZW) I get some massive position lags, will say the app is still on downwind when I'm allready landed and parked. First I tought that this could be a problem between the 4G module and my Garmin GLO but today I've had the same problem with my other iPad mini wich is wifi only.

Hardware in use: iPad mini 4G, iPad mini wifi, Garmin GLO all devices with the latest updates.

I'm not sure if I had the same issue with internal GPS only but I think that yes.

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Hi Philippe,

I was in LSZW with Jeppesen Mobile Flite Deck and iPad (internal GPS) on 12. Sept. 2015 and certainly did not have this problem.  I know, because I am relatively new there (it was my first time alone) and did have to use the screen now and then to check if I was correctly following the circuit (I didn't perfectly :-) ). 

I had the JVFRMFD version that was current in September, I'm not sure if it has changed.

Hope this helps.  

Best regards


Hi Claudio

sorry for my late response.

As soon as the weather gets better I will do some testing and will try to reproduce the problem.

Actually there are three factors which I consider as possible:

- orientation mode North/Track

- charging or on battery

- external GPS or built in

So let's wait and see.

So I'm back with more info after some testing.

I did 3 flights on January 27th without any problem on different airports. I've testet in track up and north up mode.

One thing is still open, a local test flight in track up mode. This was the setting on that specific flight where the Problem occured.

I'll keep you updated.


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