There is a lot of diskussion about new features in FD VFR.The most important enhancement for me is MORE COUNTRIES !!!
The flying season starts soon and wie have still very few countries. My subscription ends in june and I will have to change to Sky demon if there are not much more countries......

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At least we got now BENELUX!
What about Southern and Eastern Europe?
When is the new update coming??

Why do you see BENELUX - and I don't?

But I am fully your opinion: Where is Italy, Slovenia, Czech etc.......



Steiner Alois said:

At least we got now BENELUX!
What about Southern and Eastern Europe?

Dear Alois, dear Bjoern and dear Gerhard

We are happy to announce that Release 1.3 was sent to apple for review. This release includes BeNeLux as a new coverage, plus some more new features like Airspace Warnings, NOTAM Pinning, etc. This Release will become available in the app Store early next week.


In April we will see the next Release, which will include Italy as an additional coverage. More countries will follow soon.


For the Mobile FD VFR team,


Hi Ahmad,

thanks for the information - but with the speed & agility Jeppesen is treating its customers I am not very thrilled. In early January I had a talk with Mr. Markus Marth - which was very constructive, and a good conversation. But what I still don't understand: You as Jeppesen own the data already (in electronic form) and you need now several months to release an additional tiny fraction of Europe (BENELUX)? After the initial set of countries from June last year, there was absolutely no progress now for 9 months (for a subscription that was marketed as "European Coverage")! Are you setting the right priorities ? Have the right resources ? 

By End of April I need Italy plus Spain - apart from ( SLO, CRO, CZ, etc). What I can see now: I will not get it, and I have to look for alternatives. 


PS: If you need help in project management to achieve results quicker - get in touch with me :-)

Dear Gerhard, you are absolutely right. But you got to understand, that Jeppesen is a US based company and the company's policies are being made and decided in the US or, with other words: from their perspective, that very small fraction of their few German customers with that little minor program FD VFR of their many other good selling programs is practically non-existent. They just don't give a damn! We know such pattern, so don't let us get in this discussion again. I myself am quite content to see that a German team around Marcus was able to set up a development like Mobile FD VFR within the Jeppesen group - probably against a lot of resistant. I use the program but it doesn't meet my expectations yet either. But we will keep pushing!


Hello Gerhard and Ralph,

did you see the latest blog here on Ning ? Hopefully you will enjoy !

Have a great start of the flying season, and I hope to meet you in Friedrichshafen !

For the "Mobile FliteDeck VFR" Team,



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