Information in the VFR-Text sections not clear, why not use directly the AIP-Page?

Hi everyone,

during a recent flyout I experienced something that made me think twice about the advantages of the Jeppesen MFDVFR.  I think with a few images it will be much more clear.

here is the text section of the Baden-Baden/Karlsruhe Airport (EDSB) as seen in the Jeppesen App.

Now my english is certainly poor and not good, but I do not understand what the paragraph Restrictions should mean.  We were doing "x-country" flight and so, should we ask PPR from Center Langen?  What noise certificate is the "corresponding"...???

Fortunately other pilots had other well know competitors applications that contain the AIP as PDF-file. And if one looks there, the mystery is solved. But there are much longer phrases to explain everything.  At the moment I do not have a copy or screenshot of the actual AIP-text for EDSB, but an older one that I found on the web looks like this:

So I have a question: wouldn't it be better (and less error-prone) to just attach the complete AIP-File?  Until now I thought actually that the text in the JVFRMFD was the AIP-text. I realise it is not.

Why? Is the text being summarised? from whom? 

best regards and thanks for any hints.


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Dear Claudio,

Many Thanks for your feedback.

In general the Jeppesen text is strictly based on the AIP Text. However, it's not just a direct "copy" from the different national AIP pages, because the "Jeppesen Text" is provided in standardized format. That means, regardless which style the national AIP has, Jeppesen presents the information in a standardized format. That's an additional service to the customer, and similar to the traditional standardized chart services, which Jeppesen provides since about 100 years now.

Regarding your specific example, I have forwarded it to the responsible department who will evaluate your comments and come back with an answer.

For the "Mobile FliteDeck VFR" Team,


Dear Markus

thanks for taking the time to answer. This makes sense, it is a little like for the Jeppesen maps, that are always the same in every country.  Of course it would be also nice to have if, additionally, one could click on some "AIP"-Icon and get the PDF-file in the original version.  

Best regards


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