first of all I wish to congratulate the team with the very nice app. I really do love it.

I used to have and use the paper Jeppesen VFR manual (the former Bottlang manual) and deplore that a number of items that are present in the paper manual didn't find their way into the app.

Most importantly, the manual contains a number of airfields that appear only in the directory (i.e. there are no charts of these airfields in the manual) but the directory contains quite extensive information about them. In the app these airfields do appear on the map, but most of the info that was contained in the directory of the manual (like contact information, PPR status, RH circuits on certain runways) is not available in the app. I hope this information will soon be added to the app. This should not have been omitted.

The level of detail that is available on the airport charts in the app appears to be less than what is available on the paper charts. F.i. there currently is a NOTAM (A1384/16) in Belgium about works on APN 3 at EBOS. I need to check the paper chart to find out where APN 3 (and APN 2) is; No trace of them can be found in the app.

Other things are less important though some of them are nice to have and wouldn't be a big deal to add them in the app, I think: the list of nationality marks, conversion factors, ILS frequencies (I know this is a VFR only app, but it's still nice to see that you are above the glide slope to avoid wake turbulence)

But nevertheless thanks for the nice app,

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