Dear all,

currently there is a german NOTAM (B0707/16) that basically blocks a very large corridor through Germany.

If I compare the Jeppesen Version of this NOTAM with the DFS Version, I find, that the flight level is given only in the DFS original (FL470 up to FL660). Obviously this NOTAM has nothing to do with our kind of VFR flying.

Jeppesen does not show the FL information. Could you please take care of this subject.

Thank you and best regards


P.S. I wonder what kind of military unmanned flights are carried up there and how these drones get to FL470.

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Dear all,

thank you very much: Version 2.1.5 resolves this NOTAM issue (and e.g. the new Drone corridor as in NOTAM B1305/16).

I my original post I complained about the fact that MFD VFR has cut away the Flight Level information of the official DFS NOTAM.

In Version 2.1.5 Jeppesen has obviously improved the NOTAM filtering in a way that the whole unnecessary NOTAM about high level drone corridors is simply not shown anymore.

This is what I expect from a professional software - took a while, but suits my needs now.

Thank you again.


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