Will MFDVFR work on either of the new iPhone 6 models?

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Hi all,

It seems that the paramount missing feature is the iPhone 6 support (sorry, iPhone 6+ as well).  At least, it generates some welcomed activity in this sleepy forum.

As a contrast program, I would myself like to remind Jeppesen not to neglect some other features still needing improvement, hoping that JMFD will not finally end up in the "Big Sleep" (with greetings from Bogey). There is no roadmap with respect to new releases and features. Jeppesen, anyone?

Here comes my wish list for JMFD:

- Immediate pushbutton feedback,
- Two devices sync,
- cloud backup,
- terrain awareness,
- Improved Zoom,
- Waypoint naming and storing,
- Reliable Log,
- Improved Download Info,
- Flight Track,

.... many, many more, and -->

- Support for my iPhone 5s (as a backup-backup, please modify your licensing to at least three devices),
- Support for my iPhone 7 (as a to-come-backup)
- Support for my ipad 1 (as an already-available-backup)
- Support for my old Blackberry (as a last-resort-backup)
- Support for Apple Watch (as a never-to-be-used-backup)

- And of course, the support for iPhone 6++ (Hello Jepp, you won't stand behind AirNavPro, won't you???). Anybody out there who doesn't own one??

Please do not neglect Android and Microsoft !



Hello all,

I am happy to announce that "iPhone support" is now on our Product Roadmap for Mobile FliteDeck VFR ! However we don't have a date yet for the implementation, it will come !

Stay tuned for more details, and dates.

Thank you all for your great input, which really helps !

For the "Mobile FliteDeck VFR" Team,



thats are good news.


That's indeed good news. Not being able to have a backup device (no, I don't take two iPads with me ;-)), is really an issue and I was considering to change to another service due to this. I'm glad to hear that you're working on this issue now. Best regards, Stephan

Any hint when we can expect to hear a timeline for iPhone support? I appreciate an estimate well ahead of any annual subscription deadline of me used competition ...

I'd encourage all of those interested in this important feature to post here so that Jeppesen has some idea of what not providing this support is costing them. The longer they wait the more subscriptions they loose to Foreflight and Garmin.

Hallo Marcus,

I really think it will be one of the most important steps to come out with a iPhone and iPhone Plus App. I hope you will also adress the Apple Watch. It could vibrate if you enter a controlled airspace or if you are flying to low... Garmin's D2 does all that stuff and it is great fun.

I hope development will focus on important stuff first.

First prio I would set on iPhone support, due to space available maybe 6 and above. Second would be improvements, like flight tracking. Marketing may point different, but frankly, support for gadgets like Apple Watch is the very very very last and not even on my wish list.

As said, iPhone is one of the most important....
With the iPhone App a AppleWatch Support is not a big thing for the developer since it can be used as a second Display for the iPhone App. It is already well prepared by Apple on programmer's side.
Any news on time lines for iPhone support?
Dear Support Team

It's now been more than half a year since your announcement regarding iPhone 6. Do you have any news in this regard?

Kind regards
Hello Jeppesen Team, a reaction would be appreciated.
Best regards

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