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Dear friends of Mobile FliteDeck VFR, this “DID YOU KNOW?” section explains possible functions that are frequently missed even though they already exist. This section will be updated on a regular basis so we urge you to keep an eye on this section. Godspeed!

List of Topics:

General Settings

App Features:

  1. Changing Units
  2. Weather & Wind Forecast
  3. FIS Frequencies
  4. Detailed Airport Information
  5. Circumnavigation
  6. NOTAM Pin
  7. Chart Symbol
  8. Deleting Coverage


  1. Text Enlargement

General Settings

App Features

Changing Units

Graphical Weather & Wind Forecast 

FIS Frequencies

Detailed Airport Information I

Have you ever asked yourself where to find additional and detailed airport information for planning purposes? Here is the solution using the example of LIQQ (Castiglion Fiorentino/Italy).

  1. Zoom in until the blue Airport Reference Point Symbol or the Airport Symbol appears (highlighted red on the picture)
  2. Tap on the Airport Reference Point Symbol/Airport Symbol
  3. A blue rectangular popup, containing detailed Airport information (Airport Characteristics and Chart Related Text) will appear

Detailed Airport Information II

Please note that this popup contains even more information. By scrolling down until you see “MORE AIRPORT INFO” and by tapping on “opens in textviewer” you get all airport related information.


There are many reasons why pilots have to circumnavigate and therefore divert from the planned route. This animated GIF shows you one option of how to circumnavigate with Jeppesen’s Mobile FliteDeck VFR. 


Chart Symbol

Once the popup appears you can tap on the chart symbol on the top left (highlighted in red) in order to get information with regard to the airport diagram (US Coverage) or to zoom in to view the airport layout (European Coverage) for briefing purposes. Note that there is a difference between US and European Coverage.

Deleting Coverage


Text Enlargement During Flight

If the fonts are too small and you are unable to read them on your iPad during flight, here's a quick method to show you how you can! Use the iPad zoom gesture, hold your fingers in position, then zoom out to desired size.

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