Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs "Trial"

A: Yes, we provide you with a 30-day free trial version at no cost. The free trial provides access to all coverage available in the latest release.

A: Every customer can use Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck VFR for 30-days free with full functionality and all coverage only once.

A: No, your Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck VFR 30-day free trial version is neither limited in functionality nor in coverage.
Q. How do I get a Trial?
A. First download the Mobile FD VFR App. Then click the "Free Trial" button on the Product webpage and follow the process. After submitting a Trial on the product webpage, open the application on the iPad and activate it using your e-mail address and password.

A: Your Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck VFR is your friend and keeps you up-to date through notifications. You will know exactly when your coverage will expire.


- Mobile FD VFR is no longer usable, when your free trial subscription expires

- You will be unable to log in to Mobile FD VFR, if you have no active subscription

- Jeppesen will delete the navigational data but topography data, personal settings, profiles and routes will be retained

- If you delete the entire application, all data will be deleted

- If you buy a new subscription, you would be able to use the application right away and all personal settings, profiles and routes will be available again. You would then need to update the coverage (Nav Data)


A: You can install your free trial coverage license on two devices. If you want to move one installation onto another device, use the deactivation to release one installation.
FAQ's "Technical Support"


A: Jeppesen Mobile FD VFR works perfectly on iPad© 2, iPad© 3, iPad© 4, iPad© Mini, iPad© Air and iPad© Air 2. We recommend reserving approx. 3GB of space on your iPad, but this is primarily dependent on your data license you buy. We recommend a model with built-in WiFi + 3G /Cellular. These are the only models which are equipped with assisted GPS. WiFi only models can only be used with an external GPS sensor for flight execution.

A: Yes, JeppFD VFR works perfectly on the iPad Mini. It's wonderful how efficient you can be with this little device and Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck VFR in preparation for and execution of your flight.

A: No, at this time we only support the iPad© 2, iPad© 3, iPad© 4, iPad© Mini, iPad© Air and iPad© Air 2 . But Jeppesen is actively evaluating other tablet and mobile devices from Apple, Android and Windows 8, based on customer demand.

A: Your Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck VFR application works only with an active data license. Please make sure you have bought this on our web page. With an active data license, use your Jeppesen credentials (username & password) to activate the application. Make sure you are connected to the internet through WiFi or cellular connection.

A: There are two options two deactivate your device. 1) Outside the application, open the settings menu, search for JeppFD VFR, and use the deactivation button. Open again the application; it deactivates automatically. 2) In the browser, go to and use your existing Jeppesen credentials to login. After successful login, search for SiteKey Management on the landing page. Here you can deactivate your device. In both cases, we delete all coverage data, but we will keep your flights and user settings for the next use.

A: Your data license Serial Number and Site Key are stored outside the application. Go to the IPad settings menu and scroll down to see JeppFD VFR. Click on it, then scroll down and open the submenu 'Serial Numbers'.

A: Make sure you have a valid Mobile FliteDeck VFR data license and you use your Jeppesen credentials (username & password) to login into the application. Remember that you need to have internet connection available to be able to start the application. If you are still not able to start the application, please contact our technical support.

A: When you start the application the first time, we notify you about the available coverage and the download option. If this will not happen, go to "Downloads" and manually update your coverage by clicking the update symbol under the "My Coverage" submenu.
FAQs "Purchase"


A: Jeppesen Mobile FD VFR is available for free to download from the AppStore from Apple. Initially, it is available for iPad, although Jeppesen is actively evaluating other tablet and mobile devices, such as Android and Windows 8, based on customer demand. Get the application here

A: Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck VFR data coverage is available as one time or annual license. The data coverage and an overview of the difference is available on the "Buy now" page.

A: Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck VFR is a complete new product which has its own data license agreement. A Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck VFR single coverage combines Jeppesen VFR Enroute, VFR Terminal (Jeppesen's Approach and Bottlang Airway Manual), Airport Directory, Country-, & Area, and Airport text information. If you don't have a Jepp FD VFR coverage license yet, purchase your coverage on our web page. A JeppView charting subscription is not eligible with this product.

A: One time stands for a monthly data license which is valid for 28-days. We are currently investigating the possibility to offer different "one time" options, such as one week, one day or even a one flight data license

A: We only renew the annual licenses according to the purchasing plan. A one time license does not automatically renew.

A: You won't be able to use Mobile FliteDeck VFR anymore but we keep your flight and user data available for the future usage.

A: We will keep your flights and user data available for the next usage of Mobile FliteDeck VFR. All coverage data will be deleted, except the data information which will speed up your coverage download time during the next use.

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