after a lot of good live flight experience (over 8 hours) with Mobile FliteDeck VFR I would like to post  my enhancement ideas for the Dev team of Jeppesen. 

Unfortunately I'm not a Beta tester, so my enhancement ideas are based on the currently published release of the flite deck version. 

Here is the list of enhancement ideas:

  • Ground elevation indication (in additon to the GPS elevation)
  • Current heading bearing line (the black one). What stands the length of the line for? NM or minutes or nothing? It would be great to have a scale with minutes figures. 
  • Airspace warning feature. That would be a very valueable supporting aid.
  • Nav Log - Update with actual Times.
  • Weather integration improvements. GAFOR and wind speed integration
  • Reporting points - I missed some Reporting points (i. E. Zell am See (Austria))
  • Nav Log with print capability (for printed backup)
  • Integration with JeppView (for printed approach charts)



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Comment by Markus Marth on November 7, 2013 at 10:22am
Hello Rudolf,

Thank You for your great feedback.

Regarding your question: the black line (we call it "Track Vector") is currently set to 5 min. This means, if track and groundspeed does not change, the end of the line indicates the position, where you will be 5 minutes later.

With one of the next release, the length of the Track Vecctor will get adjustable. Most probably, up to 30 min. And there will be also the option to indicate the minutes at the line itself. This additional feature is directly based on customer feedback (like yours...)

Regarding Zell am See (Austria), which reporting points are you missing ?

In genaral, all of your listed features are alredy scoped for future enhancements. Stay tuned !

On behalf of the Mobile FliteDeck VFR Team,



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