Dear all, after two years using mobile FD VFR I am a little bit disappointed

seeing that some fundamental features are still missing and not mentioned as "to come"

Since during  VFR flights is fundamental to have clear reference points, 

that one should be able to communicate and control promptly,

I find extremely limiting the fact that I cannot rename a waypoint:

As an example I was planning a long VFR flight across the mountains,

i identified well know lakes and villages as route points and set a route point on top of them

1)what I obtained was a VFR navigation log containing WP1 WP2 WP3 ... WP5

completely useless because I could not rename them.

2)I could not print my navigation log so I had to write it down by hand as a backup copy 

4) in the end my hand written backup copy, containing the appropriate names for route points

rather then a list of WPn was the most useful thing I had with me overall the flight....!!!!

5) The navigation log, while flying should indicate the up-to-date ETA for each route point

in order to considerably facilitate communication with information services.

6)Also, but this is less important it would be great to have the possibility to search for teh names of villages, towns..

that are present in the map, this would make teh preparatio no fthe route much much simpler as it is wiht many other navigation softwares.

As a final comment, I just bought a new IPad,... how can I transfer all my navigation plans?

Kind regards


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Comment by Matthias Fliegner on July 13, 2017 at 3:08am

Dear Carlo,

your requested features are fundamental, indeed.

When you are flying within Italy you will always asked for your next reporting point and the ETA of it. This is different from other European countries. Thus your request for an up-to-date ETA makes sense.

But MFD has this feature already implemented: Tap within the highlighted area on the left widget to switch between destination mode (default setting) and the next waypoint mode.


Comment by Tobias Goeller on June 27, 2016 at 2:26pm

... that's exactly what I'm currently thinking. It's cool to have audio-features. But I think it's more important to have import / export possibilities - which all other products do have.


Comment by Claudio Pedrazzi on June 21, 2016 at 1:57pm

Hi Carlo

I like your post. It expresses the same feeling that many users have. Just have a look in the "future enhancements" post in the Forum and you will see, many of the features you mention have been asked for years.  I already know three pilots that were enthusiast about JVFRMFD when it came out two years ago I think but now switched to concurrent products that in the meantime offer most of what we are missing. If Jeppesen does not wake up, this very good product is going to end like Kodak... sleeping up the changes in the market until it is too late.  I appreciate a lot the now finally reached stability, reliability and quality of the maps, though.  Best regards, happy landings, Claudio



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